EGU TS-Division Medals

Dear all,

the dead line to submit nominations for the 2021 EGU medals and awards is approaching - 15h of June 2021.

The procedure is simple:

For the Marie Tharp Medal EGU - Awards & medals - Marie Tharp Medal or Stephan Mueller Medal EGU - Awards & medals - Stephan Mueller Medal you need the following:

  • Nomination letter (1 page).
  • CV of the candidate (2 pages)
  • List of selected publications (2 pages)
  • Between three and five letters of support (maximum 1 page each)

For the Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Awards

  • Nomination letter (half page)
  • CV (one page)
  • Selected bibliography

A Union medal that is closely related to the TS Division is the Arthur Holmes medal. It is awarded to scientists who achieved exceptional international standing in solid Earth geosciences.

Please do take a moment to prepare the nomination of one of your brilliant colleagues, both senior and ECS.

With kind regards,

Prof. Paola Vannucchi
Structural Geology and Tectonics
Department of Earth Sciences
University of Florence
Via La Pira, 4
50121 Firenze, Italy
Phone: +39 (0)55 2757596
Skype: paola.vannucchi