[Geodynamics] EGU medal and award nominations: deadline 15th June

Dear all,

The EGU medal & award nomination deadline is 15th June. Please consider nominating a colleague who you think deserves recognition for their work. The procedure is quite simple and not a lot of work. EGU has Medals and Awards, and for the EGU Geodynamics division, the relevant ones are the Augustus Love medal and the Division Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award. Other divisions have their own medals, but the nomination procedure is the same for all EGU divisions.

For an Augustus Love medal nomination, all that is required is:

  • Nomination letter (1 page)

  • CV of the candidate (2 pages)

  • List of selected publications (2 pages)

  • 3 to 5 letters of support (maximum 1 page each).
    For the Outstanding Early Career Scientist Award, the list is even smaller, 2 pages in total, max:

  • Nomination letter (half page)

  • CV (1 page)

  • Selected bibliography (half page)
    For more information, please see Many thanks in advance for your nominations, Jeroen