[Geodynamics] SZI session at vEGU21

Be part of the community discussion to unravel subduction zone initiation:

Subduction zone initiation through space and time, in nature and models

In this session, we aim to bring together researchers across different disciplines contributing to various aspects of subduction zone initiation (SZI). We welcome insights from field observations, IODP/ICDP drilling programs, geochemical and petrological analyses, plate reconstructions, seismology, seismic tomography, numerical and analogue modelling, and other fields, as well as from multi-disciplinary approaches.

We expect this session to include a diverse range of studies united by the common goal to understand when, where, and how subduction zones initiate.

To respect the interdisciplinarity of the session and the diversity of the research community, we recommend the use of a universal language for SZI specific terms and inclusive graphics that are colour-vision deficiency friendly.

…and a very happy and successful new year!