Input on Faulting and Earthquake Cycles Report for SZ4D

Hello all,

We are writing to solicit your input to a draft report summarizing the Faulting and Earthquake Cycles (FEC) component of a future SZ4D ( This is part of the broader effort by the SZ4D Research Coordination Network to develop a new long-term research plan focused on the processes underlying subduction zone hazards. Over the last year, we have received thoughtful feedback on our evolving plan from the community through townhalls, webinars and other mechanisms; we want to thank everyone who has taken the time to engage with us and generously share thoughts and ideas. Numerous aspects of the envisioned FEC part of an SZ4D have evolved significantly over the last year in response to this feedback.

The draft report attached here only summarizes the FEC component of SZ4D. Separate reports on the Magmatic Drivers of Eruptions (MDE), Landscapes and Seascapes (L&S), Building Equity and Capacity in Geosciences (BECG), and the Modelling Collaboratory (MCS) components of SZ4D are also being circulated for feedback ( Draft reports addressing the overall structure of SZ4D and cross-cutting science and infrastructure are in preparation.

We would like your feedback on how to strengthen and refine the plan for the Faulting and Earthquake Cycles component of SZ4D to ensure it represents the community vision and to make as strong, compelling and coherent a case for a new program focused on subduction zones as possible. Draft reports produced as a part of the SZ4D RCN will be shared with funding agencies and international partners in the very near future and will serve as the basis for future proposals to fund various elements of a future SZ4D, so we really need your feedback!

There are multiple ways that you can provide your feedback on this report.

  • Provide input using this survey
  • Participate in one or more small-group discussions taking place NEXT WEEK. A list of topics and dates/times for these discussions is here where you can sign up.
  • Email the entire FEC committee or any of us individually with your comments (see names and email addresses below)

We look forward to hearing from you! Your feedback would be most helpful in the near future because initial conversations with funding agencies are beginning. This is a DRAFT report that will continue to be refined over the coming year in response to feedback from the community and funding agencies.

Best wishes,

The FEC Working Group (

Emily Brodsky, UC Santa Cruz,
Melodie French, Rice,
Donna Shillington, Northern Arizona U,

Geoff Abers, Cornell,
Noel Bartlow, UC Berkley,
Susan Beck, U Arizona,
Magali Billen, UC Davis,
Roland Burgmann, UC Berkley,
Eric Dunham, Stanford,
William Frank, MIT,
Alice Gabriel, LMU Munich/UCSD,
Thorne Lay, UC Santa Cruz,
Jeff McGuire, USGS,
Samer Naif, Georgia Tech,
Andrew Newman, Georgia Tech,
Christine Regalla, Northern Arizona U,
Demian Saffer, UTIG,
Harold Tobin, U Washington,
Daniel Viete, JHU,
Doug Wiens, Washington U,
Rob Witter, USGS,

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