RSES seminar - Nathan Daczko - Nov 12 at 1 pm

Dear all,

For this week’s RSES seminar, Nathan Daczko from Macquarie University will give two conference-style talks on melt-transfer in the lower arc crust and the effects of coupled dissolution-precipitation on geochronology. Scroll down for complete titles, abstracts and zoom link to the seminar.

There will also be opportunity to ‘meet’ the speaker right after the seminar for more informal discussion. All are welcome, and we highly encourage students and ECRs to take advantage of the opportunity.

Last but not least, the committee will soon be soliciting speaker nominations for next year’s RSES seminar series. We aim to build a dynamic and exciting seminar series, highlighting research from multiple disciplines and by researchers of diverse backgrounds at different career stages. A formal email on this will be sent out soon.

Thank you for your support and engagement in advance.