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I am making a general inquiry of Geo-down-under members who have an interest in earth sciences and instrument maintenance. I am a retired UQ seismologist technical officer and now spend a fair bit of time with similar tech’s in the Seismology Australia Association. ** anyone involved in earthquake research and wants to network with similar technical workers?

If you have a interest in renovating old equipment, replacement parts & suppliers, setting up a field station , analyzing data and computer data analytics, I can recommend that you join one of these bodies, from wherever you live. Their wealth of acquired expertise is immense and the just love solving Techno problems,

For example, want to learn about running your own seismograph in your backyard along with an astronomy observatory? Go to Astronomy Resources - Astronomical Society of South Australia

Want to learn more about Australian earthquake locations? Go to SAA newsletters

I Have been involved in setting up Technet groups and other collegial networks and see the similarities in common technical expertise.

Just thought I’d sound out any interested Technet Australia members

Col Lynam

Editor, Queensland Science Network Newsletter

(former UQ senior Tech Officer, SEES) now Advancement Volunteer)

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Hi Glen,

Glad you responded to my Geo-down-under post.

Allow me to introduce you to David Love current Chair & founder of Seismological Association of Australia but based in South Australia.

Glen, apart from all the other seismograph array activities that SAA runs as citizen science projects ( please download one of their Newsletters to get the gist) We are planning to have a ZOOM linkup of all Australian Seismograph station operators (PSN operators, ANU schools network, sundry amateur stations and Raspberry shake operators, electronics geeks, Ham radio operators and the old university operators Like me).

This may occur in October 2022

The main aim is to share and network;

  • What is recording earthquakes & where
  • Who is doing it and how
  • What tech problems are they having and how can we get them operational.
  • Encourage contributors to the publication of technical notes in the SAA Newsletter
  • Encourage the growth of citizen science seismology in Australia
  • Loan of instruments and location to areas that have “turned on” to micro-earthquake activity
  • Encourage community awareness with other volunteer groups – give volunteer talks

If you are interested, I extend the invitation to join us, and we’ll keep you informed when it happens.

Please send me a “profile” of what seismology you’re dabbling in, (work or hobby) what you best like helping other earthquake chasers with…

Any academic or technical publications?

In the mean time , please check out these SAA members who are active in our young group.

Profiles for you to view of SAA members;


cheers and thanks for the contact.


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