Workshop: Ancient Rocks, Ancient Culture, and You, September 17, 2021

How can the Australian geoscience research community be more inclusive of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people in designing, undertaking, and reflecting on Australian geoscientific programs for mutual and environmental benefit? Join us for an Indigenous-led workshop on Friday 17 September to explore this and many other questions together so that we can be and do better together!


This workshop invites you to learn about initiatives and requirements to support inclusive and cross-cultural outcomes in Australian geoscientific programs. Together, we will consider examples of successful cross-cultural engagements and discuss best practice engagement for working together on traditional lands in the city and the field. We will also explore ways that we can each enact meaningful allyship with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people.

This workshop will be led by Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander leaders in Australian science and geoscience and supported by a small team of scientists from AuScope, CSIRO – Mineral Resources and Geoscience Australia. It forms part of the Australasian Exploration Geoscience Conference (AEGC 2021) program, however excitingly, it is open for both elegates and non-delegates to attend.

Please visit the AEGC 2021 website to purchase your tickets and if you require financial assistance to attend this workshop, please get in touch with our workshop organising committee.

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We are excited to announce our first two confirmed speakers for this workshop: Ashby Cooper, our workshop facilitator, and Florence Drummond, our engagement strategies session facilitator!

Ashby is the founder of Odyssey Geophysics, an innovative company specialising in passive seismology. Ashby is a proud indigenous Tasmanian. His deep sense of connection to the land inspired him to explore the natural world from an early age. Bushwalking, rock climbing and collecting rocks have been essential activities throughout his life. Like all indigenous people, past and present, Ashby is curious about how the natural world works. It is this curiosity that drives him to explore the unknown in his professional and personal life.

Florence Drummond is the Co-Founder and CEO of IWIMRA (Indigenous Women in Mining and Resources Australia), a group creating a stronger connection amongst Indigenous women in Australia’s mining and resource sector since 2017. With grassroots beginnings, the network has reached Indigenous stakeholders to the mining and resources industry around the globe. It is now progressing towards best practice conversations led by the members of this growing community. IWIMRA commits to continually growing the capacity for greater participation and striving towards sustainable and meaningful outcomes.

Introducing your workshop speakers: Ashby Cooper (left) and Florence Drummond (right). Images: Supplied


This workshop will include live and pre-recorded segments, however it will not be recorded in its entirety on the day, and some pre-recorded elements will not be available later. So please make sure that you have a good quality internet connection in place on the day to capture all valuable information and insights!